About me

Stijn Pruijsen is a new, visionary creator in the film and photography industry. When he was young, he had a constant need to help others. When asked what he would become later, he said: “Doctor or astronaut!”. Of which the second choice arose from his curious and fantasizing characteristics: “after all, what is as mysterious as the universe?” The core of Stijn’s helping and discovering nature is the motive for his creations.

His lens-based work holds up a mirror to his audience. This mirror acts as a trigger for broadening the viewers’ self awareness and inner reality. It raises questions like “what does it mean to be human?” or “how can I give meaning to my life?”. Stijn sees the awareness of the inner reality as the main focus of human life.

Stijn’s scenarios usually originate from écriture automatique, also known as automatic writing. In this organic way of creating, there is no preconceived idea, and he can freely express his inner reality to spherical and visionary images through both photographic and cinematic work. This work aims to address a deep and unconscious layer of the audience through its own translated inner experiences: “Through my work, I plant seeds with viewers and hope to contribute to the growth of their consciousness and spiritual experiences ”. Stijn argues that research into reality, and getting closer to it, contributes to more empathy, understanding and love in the world.